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  • TWINSTAR CALCIUM CLEANER safely removes calcium deposits from your TWINSTAR REACTOR
  • Cleaning your reactor with TWINSTAR CALCIUM CLEANER increases longevity and optimizes effectiveness
  • Enough for four cleanings

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TWINSTAR CALCIUM CLEANER safely removes deposits of calcium from the TWINSTAR REACTORS. It increases the longevity of TWINSTAR REACTORS and optimizes its efficiency.


  1. Heat up 200 ml of water to 50-60°C
  2. Pour half a bag (15 g) into a glass
  3. Pour the warm water into the glass and stir until the powder is desolved
  4. Switch off the sterilizer and put the  reactor only in the glass
  5. Watch bubbles form and calcium dissolve
  6. Once the reactor is clean, rinse it thoroughly under running water